Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas Day 2010

What a fun day!  Santa did come, and the kids were so excited to go and see what he had brought!

a pillow pet!

special plate Caroline made at school
special reindeer ornament Will made at school

After our gifts, a delicious cinnamon roll breakfast, and a concert, Gram, Grandpa, Uncle Newman, Aunt Diane, and Gobby came over for our big Christmas meal and more presents.

a new charm to represent our cruise from Gram and Grandpa

Diane and Landry

A docking station from Gram and Grandpa for the itouch they gave her for her birthday!

grandpa's genealogy print that we gave him

Will got Donkey Kong Goes Kountry for the Wii, but I think Dad may have thought it was for him!

what a mess!
Ray surprised me with a new portrait lens for Christmas.  I am SO excited about this, and I had fun taking a few pictures of the girls on Christmas Day in their new hats that Gram and Grandpa gave them.


Brandi said...

What a great day!!! Great pics! Your dog is sooooo cute!!!! So sad the holidays are over!

Redhawk said...

Thanks Santa...What a fun day. Love to see the excitement in all our kids eyes as the get ready to rush down the stairs. One of my favorite moments every year.

Love you Beth....thanks for all the work you did to make this such a special day.