Wednesday, August 17, 2011

2nd Annual Camp Aurora

For the 2nd summer, Allison and her friend Kate attended the day camp that Cook Children's puts on for kids with Type 1 Diabetes in the community.  Allison loves to go - partly to spend time with Kate, but also for all the fun activities and being around others with Type 1.  Allison does so great with handling everything, but I think it's wonderful for her to be around a huge group of people who go through the same things she does every day.  This year Allison's big accomplishment during camp was to start giving her own shots.  This has given her so much for responsibility, control, and freedom.  We could not be more proud of her!!!

Just a picture...

that I love of Will and me taken by Will while he was playing around with the camera on my MAC.  He could play here taking photos and videos for hours....

A trip to Cincy

Ray has taken the girls each once to go and visit his mom, and this year he took Will with him for Brigitte's 70th birthday.  They had a great time visiting Miami of Ohio, hanging with his mom and cousin, Dominic, and going out to eat to celebrate his mom's birthday.  I was a little concerned because Will came back a Miami Redhawk fan over Baylor.  I have some damage control to do now that they are back!  Also, I can't forget the multiple trips they made to eat at Skyline Chili during their weekend there!

Father's Day 2011

We spent Father's Day morning at Caroline's indoor soccer game, and then we headed to Fuzzy's in Roanoke with my parents and Katherine and Libby.  The kids had a great time playing, and then we came back here to swim.  It was a great family day, and even though Ray didn't get to relax much, hopefully he enjoyed his day.  We think he is the greatest!!!

my dad and me Father's Day 1969

Lucky 13

Ray and I celebrated our 13th anniversary with a wonderful dinner out.  We spent much of our time talking about and deciding what event was the highlight of each year of our marriage.  Some years it was hard to come up with one big thing.  I guess life is like that.  There are those mountain-top times and events, but so much of our lives are spent in the everyday.  When we look at those everyday events as blessings, we spend our lives filled with gratitude.  I can't think of anyone else I would rather be spending my big and small moments with!  Happy Anniversary, Ray Semadeni.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Camo Belt

Will is just loving Karate, and he spent a week in Karate Camp after VBS at the beginning of summer.  He ended up coming out of the camp with a new Camo Belt.  He worked very hard, and we are so proud of him!

Graham and Will - Great Friends!