Wednesday, August 17, 2011

2nd Annual Camp Aurora

For the 2nd summer, Allison and her friend Kate attended the day camp that Cook Children's puts on for kids with Type 1 Diabetes in the community.  Allison loves to go - partly to spend time with Kate, but also for all the fun activities and being around others with Type 1.  Allison does so great with handling everything, but I think it's wonderful for her to be around a huge group of people who go through the same things she does every day.  This year Allison's big accomplishment during camp was to start giving her own shots.  This has given her so much for responsibility, control, and freedom.  We could not be more proud of her!!!


Hodder said...

Oh my goodness! I love all of them. I taught Lisa Gilbert's daughter when I was there, before she was a teacher. She'll be awesome as a teacher as I loved her as a helper and her enthusiasm. Becca Calvert was a Baylor girl as well and I helped get her hired--we love the BU teachers. She is terrific too and took over accelerated math when I left in 5th grade. Janay Hunt is just a doll. We go to church with their family in Coppell and I just love her. See if she still dances each Friday. I started doing that in my class after she did it and my kids loved it. Thought it was really cool. And, I don't know who the science teacher would be without her maiden name. Hmmm...that was awhile ago.

I also sent a message to Mr. Terry to tell him that someone I knew was having their first Eubanks experience and he insisted to know who it was. Tell Allison that he might approach her at some point. I hope she won't be embarrassed but he's such a great guy.

And don't be concerned when the biggest deal is the locker situation for at least one week. It will appear as that is the only thing they do all day!

Hoping the transition is a great one. So many anxious parents and kids at that stage. Hearing about the start of school makes me miss that part! Wishing you all the best. Please update so I can hear how it's all going!