Saturday, June 27, 2009



Allison finished her second season of basketball today with team Thunder. Her team played in the Colleyville league this summer, and they sort of ended up in the wrong division. Every team they played towered over them, and had all played Select. One of the teams was ranked 3rd in the state. So, it wasn't the most successful season in terms of wins, but we were so proud of the girls and how they continued to play so hard through the tough games. Today was the single elimination tournament, and we played the team ranked 3rd in state. There was no score during the first quarter, which was a huge accomplishment. It was hard to get motivated to go out and play each game, but we talked with Allison about the power of positive thinking. It may not have made them win a game, but it changed the attitude they had during the game. We were so proud of Allison and all the girls on the team because of the way they continued to practice and play hard during all the games. The team celebrated by going to get ice cream after the game. It's always exciting to get a new trophy!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Son Rock

One of our favorite weeks of the year is always Vacation Bible School. The theme for VBS this year was Son Rock Camp. It was a camping theme and the decorations were awesome. This was Will's first year to do the "real" VBS. In the past he has done the preschool program they have for the volunteer's kids. It was great to be able to have all three kids participating in the program. I was a counselor this year, which is my favorite job, for a group of 3rd graders. I have always had Kindergarten or 1st Grade, and I did find that the 3rd grader's were easier overall. My friend, Jenny Wilson, and I were co-leaders, and we had a great group of kids. My kids always love the stories, the missions, the crafts, the games, the skits, and the songs. This year was no different in that the songs we sang are stuck in my head and will be for several weeks. The week ended with a family picnic on the church grounds by the pond. After dinner, everyone gathered in the new amphitheater seating, and all the kids from VBS sang their songs from the week. This year, in addition to the VBS songs, they added two campfire songs that were familiar to everyone - Pass It On and Kumbaya. It was a fantastic week, and I know my kids are building memories there that will last a lifetime.

Pass It On

It only takes a spark to get a fire going.
And soon all those around can warm up in its glowing.
That's how it is with God's Love.
Once you've experienced it.
You spread his love to everyone
You want to pass it on.
I wish for you my friend
This happiness that I've found.
You can depend on Him
It mattters not where you're bound.
I'll shout it from the mountain top - PRAISE GOD!
I want the world to know.
The Lord of love has come to me
I want to pass it on.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Fun!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day 2009

A few years ago, I bought a book to record Father's Day memories. There are two pages for each year. One page is for a picture of Ray with the kids, and the other side records what we did that Father's Day. Here is the picture and write-up for Father's Day 2009. As much as we loved celebrating Ray and my father, Ray's father, Pietro Semadeni, was remembered, too. He is greatly missed every single day.

Father’s Day – June 21, 2009

Ray requested to start the day with an early morning bike ride. When he got home, the kids wanted him to get back into bed so they could serve him breakfast. After a quick jump in the pool, he did this, and we served him biscuits and fruit. The kids each made him a card, and Allison made a really cool decorated clothes hanger at school for him. The highlight was it said Miami Redhawks on the back! Mom gave him a few new shirts and shorts. Then we got ready and met Gram and Grandpa for church at White’s Chapel United Methodist Church. After Church, we had lunch/brunch with Gram, Grandpa, Bill, Kristen, Katherine, and Libby at Brio’s Italian Restaurant in the Southlake Town Center. Everyone came back to our house after lunch and went swimming. The girls each had an indoor soccer game at Stampede, and we took turns going up there for that. We ended up ordering pizza for dinner, and the kids had a great time, as usual, playing with their cousins. It was a mostly relaxing day, and we had fun just hanging out with family. We hope we made Daddy feel really special this Father’s Day!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Eleven Years

On Saturday Ray and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. We had an absolutely wonderful day. My parents graciously offered to keep the kids ALL day long. Ray and I started by playing tennis at Lifetime in the morning. I have to admit I was a little nervous about the tennis idea. Although it had been a few years since we have played together, in the past it has not always gone so well. I will admit that I am the one with the problem. I don't like to lose, and let's just say that he ALWAYS beats me. That gets me really frustrated, so then he holds back on his play, and then I feel like he is patronizing me. He's really in a no-win situation with me, and I do feel badly for him. I just can't seem to control myself. So, I went into our first activity a little cautiously. For quite awhile we just hit back and forth, and I felt good and like things were going well. We were having fun. After about 45 minutes, Ray tentatively asks me if we should play a game. I said sure, but I was really not so sure. We did play a couple of games, and although I found that the "fun" was diminishing, we did okay and managed to leave there smiling and happy. Maybe we will try it again sometime soon! Then I got to do one of my favorite workout classes followed by lunch together. After that we spent about 2 hours swimming, reading, and sleeping by the pool. There were lots of kids around, but they weren't mine, and I wasn't in charge of anyone! We came home and relaxed before getting ready to go out to dinner in Dallas. Ray told me we needed to leave a little early to go by a store and get my present. To make a long story short, he got me an iphone for our anniversary. I felt a little guilty about getting one since the phone I had worked perfectly well. That guilt went away about 5 minutes into playing with the phone. I LOVE it, and told him the next night that I think it is going to change my life! The funny part of the story is that last Thursday Ray went to buy the phone at the Apple store, and there was a sign on the door that said they were closed for remodeling for awhile. He was super frustrated and couldn't get over to Dallas the next day, so we had to do it together before our dinner. Ray got a new handle bar rest for his road bike for his gift! For dinner we tried a new place called Bolsa. The food was fabulous, and I tried real hard to not play with the phone during dinner and just concentrate on Ray. We came home and my parents had the kids all in bed and asleep. We appreciate them so much for spending their entire day with the kids so we could enjoy some quality time together.

Ray is such a wonderful husband. He is helpful, thoughtful, romantic, and very fun to be around. We always have a great time together, and he is my best friend. Thank for 11 wonderful years of marriage. I thank God everyday that I get to spend my life with you! I want to end with the poem that he gave to me on the day we got engaged. While we both know that God controls our lives and our future, the poem was a expression of our earthly certainty that we have in each other.

I am not sure that the earth is round
Nor that the sky is really blue.
The tale of why the apples fall
May or may not be true.
I do not know what makes the tides
Nor what tomorrow's world may do.
But I have certainty enough
For I am sure of you.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Get In The Game

The girls attended a theater camp this week at The Master's Touch in Grapevine. They worked all week to prepare for the musical Get In The Game. The performance was tonight, and we had such a fun time watching them in action. Both girls had several speaking lines, and Allison sang part of a solo. The story of the show was about a group of kids trying to enjoy PE Class and finding a sport they could enjoy. It really all boiled down to just getting in the game! They were supposed to come dressed in their favorite sporting attire. Allison has always enjoyed "putting on a show", so we were not surprised at her speaking abilities, but Caroline honestly shocked me with how well she "performed". She was so animated and comfortable on stage. It was fun to do something different this week, and we will definitely have to try more theater again!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Soccer Camp

All three of the kids went to a soccer camp at the high school in the mornings this week. They were so hot when I picked them up and were definitely ready to jump in the pool, but they seemed to have a great time. There is nothing that makes this mom happier than seeing all three of her kids in Carroll SOCCER shirts!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Shopping was the theme of the girl's dance recital at Lifesong this spring. Allison and Caroline each performed 3 dances - tap, ballet, and jazz. There was a different costume for each dance, and they did the whole show for a dress rehearsal one day and the recital the next day. That was 12 costume changes and dances in two days. I did notice that it is getting easier to get them changed as they are getting older and more self sufficient. It's just hard to keep track of all the accessories and shoes when everyone's looks the same! Allison danced to the songs Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile, Start the Party, and Shop Around. Caroline danced to If You Can Dream, Black Knee Socks, and Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On. All of them were so fun to watch and full of personality. They worked so hard this year and really improved their dancing skills. This was their first year at this studio, and we loved the fact that they incorporated character words of the month into their dancing. These words are painted all over the studio walls where they dance, and they are constantly reminded that their character and the way they represent themselves is a lot more important than how they dance.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Camp Thurman

For the first time the kids are going to Camp Thurman in Arlington later this summer. It is a Christian Sports Day Camp, and we have heard wonderful things about it. Both girls have friends going at the same time they will be there. Last Saturday we went to the Open House for Camp Thurman and got to see the camp and try out all the activities. They have a lot of different levels of zip lines, and Allison was ready to tackle any of them. Caroline was not interested and said they were too high, which was fine with me. So, Allison and Ray did a couple of them and had a great time. Caroline and Will liked the smaller versions. They also tried archery and explored the many different cabins, tree houses, and swings. I know they will love their time there in July.