Sunday, June 7, 2009


After Caroline's Kindergarten Graduation last Thursday, we all went back to her classroom for some more awards and presentations. Her teacher, Mrs. Small, was giving out gifts to the room moms in the class, and she was telling the story of how she asked the mom in charge of party decorations to make the room look magical when the kids entered the room. The room did look magical before each party, and the moms came up with amazing decorations. I was thinking, though, that the word magical really describes Caroline's whole Kindergarten experience. Every day that she went to school, her room took on a magical feel. This was largely due to her awesome teacher, but it was also because of a wonderful group of kids, a special friend in her class, and so many great learning experiences and fun events. We just couldn't have asked for anything more for Caroline's first real year of school. I know that she will always remember this special year, and it's something our whole family will treasure.

In the classroom after the ceremony, Caroline was presented the award for the character trait of Conviction - Doing what is right even when others don't. We are so proud of this award for her, and we know this character quality will take her far in life! During this time we were also able to present out child with the scrapbook that we made of their Kindergarten year. There were so many hours put into the book, and I couldn't wait for her to see it. She loved it, but I do think it is something she will appreciate a even more as time goes by.

The actual ceremony was so cute, and Caroline loved singing the songs and doing the hand motions. They entered and exited the room to Pomp and Circumstance and sang Watch Me As I Graduate, We Appreciate You, and Good Bye. One of the Kindergarten teachers also did a beautiful reading entitled I Give You Back Your Child. So as Caroline received her diploma from the principal, Ms. Wagnon took Caroline's empty hand and twirled her around symbolizing Caroline looking back once more at her teacher and then turning toward 1st Grade. It's hard to watch your child grow up sometimes, but I know she is ready!


Redhawk said...

Way to go Sweet Caroline! You Rocked Kindergarten. Can't believe you finished your first year of school. Your friends and teachers love you...have a fun summer!

Love Dad

Redhawk said...

Way to go Mom! Caroline's Kindergarten Review Book is amazing. This will be something that she will treasure forever.