Sunday, June 7, 2009

Soaring into 3rd Grade

On Thursday we hosted Allison's 2nd grade class at our house for her end of the year party. All 22 kids came and a few siblings, too, so we had a full house. They had a lot of energy and seemed to have a very good time together. There was definitely some adrenaline flowing with school so near being over. We set up a bounce house that we have by the edge of the pool, and the kids used it as a slide! Between that and kids jumping off the ledge behind the pool, we had kids entering the pool from all different directions. One of the moms also dropped off mini sized foam noodles for them to use, and I guess they didn't really hurt because everyone got pelted with them.

Their teacher, Miss Yruegas, came to the party, and the class was able to give her the end of the year teacher gift. The room mom painted a container with all the kids' names on it, and inside the class filled it with pictures of them with Miss Yruegas and drawings and writings of special times together. We also celebrated with a cake that said Soaring Into 3rd Grade! 3rd Grade - how did that happen? It sounds so old to me. We were happy to be able to celebrate together one more time as a class, and we know we will be seeing many of Allison's friends over the summer.


Redhawk said...

No that is a PARTY! Mom did a great job setting this up and it was fantastic to see all of your good friends (the whole class) over at the house.

Redhawk said...

Now that is a PARTY!!!