Saturday, June 27, 2009


Allison finished her second season of basketball today with team Thunder. Her team played in the Colleyville league this summer, and they sort of ended up in the wrong division. Every team they played towered over them, and had all played Select. One of the teams was ranked 3rd in the state. So, it wasn't the most successful season in terms of wins, but we were so proud of the girls and how they continued to play so hard through the tough games. Today was the single elimination tournament, and we played the team ranked 3rd in state. There was no score during the first quarter, which was a huge accomplishment. It was hard to get motivated to go out and play each game, but we talked with Allison about the power of positive thinking. It may not have made them win a game, but it changed the attitude they had during the game. We were so proud of Allison and all the girls on the team because of the way they continued to practice and play hard during all the games. The team celebrated by going to get ice cream after the game. It's always exciting to get a new trophy!


Redhawk said...

Way to Go Ally Bear! You were always hustling out there and played some great defense. Next year we pound it on with your offensive play.

Love Dad.