Sunday, June 7, 2009

Caroline's Published Pieces

This year at CES after a team of teachers attended a Writer's Workshop in New York, and a writing program was implemented across the school, even down to the Kindergarten Level. The last week of school, the parents were presented with their children's published pieces. They did many writings throughout the year, but there were 6 officical stories that they published. Each corresponded with a different unit, and they had a celebration with comment cards at the end of each unit. I love the fact that Caroline was encouraged throughout the year to tell the stories of her life. The children were told that their stories are "gifts" to the world and no one would get to hear them if they didn't tell then. Caroline's stories ranged from birthday parties, to soccer, to special trips to Cici's Pizza. Here is the unedited and then edited version of her final piece. She illustrated these stories as well. I am so happy that I will now be able to encourage Caroline to always tell the stories of her life!
I wit to CC pesu I sede ya! my sistr rnd it becus my sistr wit to a detist uputmit.

We at a lot of pese intil we wr fl. And we at dsrt. It wus deelisis.

After we aut pesu we wit in to the game room. a toy namd pesi bug cam awt. It wus the speshl fish.

We had so much fun. intil it wus time to go. I cutit wat to go ugen.

I went to Cici's Pizza. I said Ya! My sister earned it because my sister went to a dentist appointment. We ate a lot of pizza until we were full. And we ate dessert. It was delicious. After we ate pizza we went into the game room. A toy named pencil bug came out. It was the special fish. We had so much fun until it was time to go. I couldn't wait to go again.


Redhawk said...

What a fantastic writer you are Caroline. Mom and I loved going through all of your work this year. You have really done an AMAZING job. It is fun for us to see how wonderful you are reading, writing, and are one in a million! We love you.


Shari Small said...

Caroline - reading your writing on the computer made me smile even BIGGER than I always did in our classroom - - now you're REALLY sharing your writing with the world! Give your mom a big hug, too - - the posts that she's added about your family are going to be something you will treasure forever. I love you so much, and I miss you already.

Mrs. Small