Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Last Day Festivities

The last day of school was a whirlwind day consisting of telling Nurse Tobie good-bye (soooo sad), visiting Will's room for the last time, watching 4th grade clap-out, and taking pictures at the 4th grade end of year swim party.  Clap out is an annual tradition where the 4th graders start in their hall and walk through the school with everyone lining the halls and clapping until they make their way out of the building.  Ms. Wagnon stands at the exit of the door, and the parents are all outside waiting.  It's a very special and emotional time!

last day of Kindergarten...:(((


allie and aubrey

Mrs. Anderson, Allison's first grade teacher was there!

Mrs. Fielder

Mrs. Willingham

end of year party!

4th Grade Graduation - Allison

Allison followed after Will, and it was a special time, but it was sad in a way, too.  I'm so excited for her new adventure starting Intermediate school, but it is bittersweet to have her leaving Carroll Elementary.  It has been such an awesome place for her, and we will never forgot her time here.

Allison and Mrs. Fielder

Mrs. George, Ms. Wagnon, and Allison

Allison very emotional during the ceremony

Ms. Wagnon talking to the outgoing 4th grade class

Kindergarten Graduation - Will

June 1st was a big day in our family.  Will graduated from Kindergarten, and Allison graduated from 4th grade.  Both of the ceremonies were so nice, and I had lots of picture taking opportunities.  Because of the construction on-site at our school, they moved graduations to a nearby church, and it worked out really well.  They sang some really cute songs, and then each teacher talked and presented every member of their class for graduation.  After the group activities, each class went to their own room where their teacher got to talk to them, and then the parents got to present the infamous Kindergarten scrapbook albums.  Hours were spent on these albums, but they documented their entire year with all the wonderful pictures that were taken by Ms. Small and each parent.  Here are some pictures of my boy on his big day!

happy to get a good pic!

book I made for Shari about our year...

last page of the book....