Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's a Girly Girl

Lauren and Caroline

She chose blue!


Allison and Ava

Cousin Jack

C bag from Aunt Robin, Uncle Forty, Jack, and Sophie

C pillowcase from Ashton

Caroline got her ladybug pillow pet from Lauren!

Sweet Sophie

Picking a party favor from the tower!

I cannot believe that our sweet Caroline is 8!  After much debate she decided to have an Artsy Girl party at the Girly Girl Salon in Keller.  She invited all the girls from her class and a few other friends, and they got to decorate glitter frames, have their nails done, eat cake and ice cream, and open presents.  It was such a fun afternoon, and Caroline had a blast.  Aunt Robin, Uncle Forty, Jack, and Sophie came back to our house and stayed for pizza, and Ashton and Lauren got to spend the night.  Caroline was definitely spoiled for the day.  Happy 8th Birthday, Caroline!

Buckaroo of the Week

Will's Yee-Haw for Will book

Mrs. Small and Will

In Will's Kindergarten class, they each take a turn being Buckaroo of the Week.  We had fun making an all about me poster and filling out an information sheet on all his favorite things.  On Friday of the week a parent or someone special gets to come in and read books to the class.  Ray and I were both able to go.  Ray read Can Pigs Fly and All About Sharks, and I read There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly.  Ray is really the star reader in the family, and the kids all LOVED him.  Will got to sit up front with us, and I think he loved having us here.  After we read the books, Mrs. Small presented Will with his Yee-Haw for Will book made by the class.  It's a special book with one page made by each class member telling while they like Will.  We were able to read it together, and Will loved the attention.  Several people commented on loving his eyes.  We definitely agree!  We will always treasure his book, and it was another special time in his amazing Kindergarten year.