Thursday, August 30, 2012


My girls had a wonderful opportunity and experience attending a two week drama camp at our church at the end of the summer. The musical was Godspell, and they spent two weeks doing everything from learning the music, lines, and choreography to designing the set.  Both girls had several minor parts, and they loved every minute of the experience!  At the end of the two weeks, they performed the show at night at the church and then again in The Rock Sunday School classes on Sunday morning.  It was really amazing to see everyone's talent and how much they were able to accomplish in those two weeks!

Allison's friend Ava came to watch and brought the girls each a beautiful bouquet of flowers!

Allison and Leah - Good friend from school and Church

Cute Caroline

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Caroline and Lauren

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Will is 8!!!!!!!

This blog has been very neglected, but I wanted to make sure that I captured Will's 8th birthday!  He was so excited about his special day, and it has been the source of much discussion over the past several weeks and months!  From the beginning he wanted to have his party at Urban Air - an indoor trampoline jumping place.  He'd never been there, but he was sure that that's where he wanted to go!  We had the boys from his class and his cousins, and everyone had a blast.

Caroline is quite the gymnast!

Friends Ryan and Graham

Cousin Jack and silly Dad

Cousin Libby

Jumping Jack!

Sister Allison and Caroline and cousins Katherine and Libby

Libby and Cake!

back handspring

Opening presents at home after the party....

Fun lantern for seeing at night!

New i-touch cover that "makes" different faces!

New bat!!!!

We also had a family night out for his annual tradition to Chuck E Cheese!  Not sure how many more years he is going to want to do this, but he is still loving it for now.  That boy loves him some tickets!

Silly boy!

Love those tickets!

Ray is obsessed with playing deal or no deal - He NEVER takes the deal!

Cute Caroline!

Gram likes Deal or No Deal, too!

Will even dances for Chuck E Cheese to get some free tickets!

Counting them all up!

Picking out prizes

Fun times!

Then we came home and had a Gram's famous vanilla cake with chocolate icing and ice cream!

So embarrassed!

Landry joins in the fun!

The kids know that a formal photo shoot is required by me for each birthday, so here are some of my favorite shots of Will a few days before he turned 8.  Can't believe how grown up and mature he is becoming!

And last but not least is our annual interview.  Here are Will's favorite things at age 8.  We love and are so proud of you!

How old are you?  8
What's been your favorite part of today?  Going to Urban Air and spending time with family
What's your favorite color?  Red
What's your favorite sport?  Baseball
What's your favorite food?  Watermelon
Who's your favorite friend?  Graham
What is the best part about being 8?  Not being treated like a baby.
What is your favorite subject?  PE
Who is your favorite teacher?  Ms. Small and Mrs. Blake
What is your favorite activity?  School
Who is your favorite girl?  Mom
Who is your favorite boy?  Dad
Where is your favorite place to visit?  Disney World
What is your favorite TV Show?  Sponge Bob
What's your favorite thing that Mom does for you?  Buys me snacks
What's your favorite thing that Dad does for you?  Takes me on bike rides
What is your favorite animal?  Horse
What's something you would like to do while you are 8?  Get my black belt in Karate.

Can't wait to see what the next year brings for you, Will!

With Love,
Mom, Dad, Allison, and Caroline