Thursday, December 31, 2009

Lightning Soccer

Will played on a different soccer team this fall call the Lightning. He knew 2 of the kids from his school, so that made it fun for him. This was his first year on a real field, and it was fun to watch him learn the game. Here are some highlights of him playing.

Halloween 2009

Halloween a very fun night, and the kids all had so much fun trick or treating. The girls wore their same costumes from the Book Parade, and Will was a Swat Policeman. I don't think I need to explain why he chose that! He was the most polite trick or treater and said thank you and have a nice Halloween at each and every house! We had fun seeing some neighbors out, and Gram and Grandpa came over for an annual tradition of soup and cornbread! Since they were here, Ray and I were both able to go out with the kids.

Book Parade

CES does an annual Book Parade. This year, instead of choosing a book for each class, each student chose a book and dressed up like a character from that book. Caroline chose Raggedy Ann, and Allison had to do a fairytale and chose Rapunzel. It had rained a ton right before the Book Parade, so they had to move it inside this year. My pictures are a little dark, but the kids had a great time!

King for a Day

I have to admit feeling a little sad as I worked and attended our last Fall Festival at Chapel Hill. I have been part of this for the last 8 years, and it is always a fun time with the kids. This year, they were supposed to dress up like a Bible character, and Will chose to be a king. They played games and enjoyed a petting zoo. I had the joy of working the bowling game, and let's just say I had one of the harder jobs with climbing around on the floor setting up pins, and chasing balls. Kids of all ages loved to knock those pins down!

Carving a Pumpkin

Will and Daddy had a great time carving a pumpkin one day while the girls were out!

Pumpkin Patch

Every year we take a trip to the Pumpkin Patch and let the kids play, pick out a pumpkin, and most importantly, let mom take a bunch of pictures. We went at a very crowded time this year, but we still had a lot of fun. Each of the kids got to pick out a pumpkin, and the highlight of the trip was the hayride. They also added food this year, so we enjoyed roasted corn and kettle corn for dinner. Will, in particular, talks about going to the Pumpkin Patch year round, and I have had to explain to him several times that it's something they only have around Halloween!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Police Visit

Lately, Will has developed a bit of an obsession with policemen. He had been inquisitive about them for awhile, and then there was a small mishap at home that sent him into a full blown obsession. Ray and Will came home from somewhere. The house was empty and when Ray tried to turn off the alarm, he somehow messed up, the alarm company called his cell phone, which was in the car, and when they couldn't reach him, they sent the police out. Will was very into the fact that they had to convince the policeman that they were not bad guys. From then on he has talked incessantly about policemen, and he has a slight fear of the alarm. Like he stays in the car, or at least the driveway, until I turn it off in the house. The first thing he says every morning is, "Will you please turn off the alarm?" One Saturday Ray decided to take Will up the local police station to get a tour and see what really goes on there. Will loved it, and we were so appreciative of the time they took to show him around. He even got to peek into "where the jails are!"