Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Camp Thurman

Last week the kids had their first experience with a day camp. Camp Thurman is a Christian Sports Day Camp. It was a little overwhelming for everyone the first day, but the kids LOVED it and cannot wait to go back. Here is a picture on the first morning of camp and a picture after they got home on the last day. The hat they are wearing at the end is the famous Acorn Hat! During the week they went swimming, did crafts, had Bible Study times, rode the Tarzan Swing, did various Zip Lines, tried archery, played slap dodgeball and catch the flag, watched skits, and much more! Each counselor had a code name for the week - Will had El Tapitito, Caroline had Lilly, and Allison had Livewire. The week was a huge success and we will be signing up again for next summer!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bedtime Routines

For as long as I can remember, Will and I have had a special time together every night before he goes to sleep. It started with him asking me to sing him songs - I know some of you are laughing at that request - and the list of songs has grown. We have had this list for quite awhile now, and Will is very insistent that each song gets sung each night in the same order. After singing, he always asks me if I forgot a certain song, and I always assure him that I did not forget anything. When the songs are over, we say a prayer, and then he goes right to sleep. He is fine with going to sleep without this if I am not home, but on a few occasions I have tried to skip this step just because it was so late, but I HAVE to go through this routine every single night. He gets hysterical without it. Honestly, I wouldn't trade it for anything, and I know there will come a day when he is going to want no part of it. In fact, he may be embarrassed someday by this post, but I had to document this special time for us. He actually asked to record himself singing, and then when it got down to it, I had to sing along, too. So sorry about my voice on there, but his is pretty cute! And, yes, I realize there is a Christmas song in there, but it's part of the routine!

I have tried everything to get this video flipped the right way. I just can't get it turned, so I am just going to post it like this. If I can figure out how to change it, I will.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Swim Meets

The girls participated in their first swim meets this summer. Last summer Allison did the Stroke Team at the CISD Aquatics Center. This summer Caroline joined as well, and they decided to try the swim meets. They swam in 4 of the 5 meets and had a great time. They both swam the Freestyle Relay, the Freestyle Individual, and the Backstroke. Allison also swam the Breaststroke, which was by far her best stroke. It was such a huge event every week, and the Aquatics Center was just packed with swimmers and spectators. It was always a long afternoon but so much fun to watch them compete. They ended up with several ribbons for placing and participating, and I think it helped make the long practice sessions worth the work!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Fourth of July

We had a great 4th of July weekend. We didn't have many plans, and it was really nice to have a slower paced weekend. We went swimming several times and had a fun evening out at the Southlake Town Center to watch the fireworks. The kids all loved the fireworks and had fun seeing some of their friends out there. We sat with our old neighbors, the Amlongs, and it is always fun to be with them. We went out to eat before, and Will got a little silly with his corn on the cob. I promise that we don't encourage playing with our food, but he did something, and Ray and I started laughing, and then he couldn't stop and we couldn't stop. One of the highlights of 4th of July is always the patriotic service at church. The music is always beautiful and is such a great reminder to appreciate the freedom we have in America and the incredible freedom we have as Christians.

Friday, July 3, 2009

New Jersey in Texas

Our good friends, the Feighners, moved to New Jersey a couple of years ago, and they are here in Texas this week for a visit. We were so excited to meet them and some other friends for lunch on Wednesday. It's always so good to see them, and Allison had the best time visiting with Kate. Kate and Allison met in the 3 year old class at preschool and have been friends ever since. They also have another bond, unfortunately, because Kate has Type 1 Diabetes just like Allison. She wasn't diagnosed until after they moved to New Jersey, but it has been so nice to have a friend who understands what the other goes through. I know they will always be close!

Goodbye to Braces

Wednesday was a big day in our house. Allison got her braces off. She has done so well with having the braces on, and we are very proud of her. However, she was a little unsure of the process each time we went. I prepped her ahead of time that they were going to have to pull a little bit to get the braces and the glue off. She said she was ready. Well, she didn't like it one bit. Getting the braces off wasn't that big of a deal, but the glue was another story. They told us we would be there 30 - 40 minutes, and an hour and 10 minutes later we left. She kept having to stop the process and really did not want any part of it. I have to admit my patience was running a little thin, but that could have been due to the fact that the other 2 kids were with me and getting a little restless. There are too many "prizes" in that place! My mom did not have any sympathy for me at all. I have no idea why unless it was because of the multiple trips to the dentist when I was a child where she had to chase me though the lime green pinto station wagon just to catch me to get me inside. I can't imagine she would remember that after all these years! This experience was definitely not that bad, and Allison really did great. She looks great, too, and is so proud of her new look.

A Trip For 2

Last weekend, Ray and Caroline left on a plane to fly to Kentucky to visit his mom. They had lots of fun, and the first thing they did when they got there was go to Skyline for some chili. I have to admit I don't understand the infatuation with that place, but I do enjoy a coney and Dr. Pepper every now and then. They made two trips (that I know about) while they were gone. They also had some fun dinners out and a great day at a lake in Indiana. Caroline played with cousins Emily, Julia, and Andrew, and she really enjoyed spending time with Grandma one-on-one. Grandma loved the time with her and with Ray, too. We missed them and were glad when they came home Monday night. Will is already asking when he gets his turn!