Friday, July 3, 2009

Goodbye to Braces

Wednesday was a big day in our house. Allison got her braces off. She has done so well with having the braces on, and we are very proud of her. However, she was a little unsure of the process each time we went. I prepped her ahead of time that they were going to have to pull a little bit to get the braces and the glue off. She said she was ready. Well, she didn't like it one bit. Getting the braces off wasn't that big of a deal, but the glue was another story. They told us we would be there 30 - 40 minutes, and an hour and 10 minutes later we left. She kept having to stop the process and really did not want any part of it. I have to admit my patience was running a little thin, but that could have been due to the fact that the other 2 kids were with me and getting a little restless. There are too many "prizes" in that place! My mom did not have any sympathy for me at all. I have no idea why unless it was because of the multiple trips to the dentist when I was a child where she had to chase me though the lime green pinto station wagon just to catch me to get me inside. I can't imagine she would remember that after all these years! This experience was definitely not that bad, and Allison really did great. She looks great, too, and is so proud of her new look.


Anonymous said...

beautiful smile on a beautiful girl:)

Redhawk said...

Those are some pretty teeth...I will say that I do miss the Carroll Dragon green braces sometimes. You go girl!