Saturday, June 13, 2009


Shopping was the theme of the girl's dance recital at Lifesong this spring. Allison and Caroline each performed 3 dances - tap, ballet, and jazz. There was a different costume for each dance, and they did the whole show for a dress rehearsal one day and the recital the next day. That was 12 costume changes and dances in two days. I did notice that it is getting easier to get them changed as they are getting older and more self sufficient. It's just hard to keep track of all the accessories and shoes when everyone's looks the same! Allison danced to the songs Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile, Start the Party, and Shop Around. Caroline danced to If You Can Dream, Black Knee Socks, and Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On. All of them were so fun to watch and full of personality. They worked so hard this year and really improved their dancing skills. This was their first year at this studio, and we loved the fact that they incorporated character words of the month into their dancing. These words are painted all over the studio walls where they dance, and they are constantly reminded that their character and the way they represent themselves is a lot more important than how they dance.


Redhawk said...

You girls were was well worth the 3 hour production (51 total dances, but who was counting) to see you both dance so well. You guys looked great in your outfits and danced all of your pieces so well.


Anonymous said...

pretty girls! Love the costumes! Jillian's theme last year was "going shopping"! too cute! They look like they had so much fun!