Friday, June 19, 2009

Get In The Game

The girls attended a theater camp this week at The Master's Touch in Grapevine. They worked all week to prepare for the musical Get In The Game. The performance was tonight, and we had such a fun time watching them in action. Both girls had several speaking lines, and Allison sang part of a solo. The story of the show was about a group of kids trying to enjoy PE Class and finding a sport they could enjoy. It really all boiled down to just getting in the game! They were supposed to come dressed in their favorite sporting attire. Allison has always enjoyed "putting on a show", so we were not surprised at her speaking abilities, but Caroline honestly shocked me with how well she "performed". She was so animated and comfortable on stage. It was fun to do something different this week, and we will definitely have to try more theater again!


Redhawk said...

You knew your lines, you were smiling from ear to ear, and you ROCKED the house with you production. said your lines so well. You were confident and proud and so in control. Great job. Allison...I loved the solo that you sang. Way to go my shining star. That is quite an accomplishment to sing by yourself on stage.

Love Dad