Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day 2009

A few years ago, I bought a book to record Father's Day memories. There are two pages for each year. One page is for a picture of Ray with the kids, and the other side records what we did that Father's Day. Here is the picture and write-up for Father's Day 2009. As much as we loved celebrating Ray and my father, Ray's father, Pietro Semadeni, was remembered, too. He is greatly missed every single day.

Father’s Day – June 21, 2009

Ray requested to start the day with an early morning bike ride. When he got home, the kids wanted him to get back into bed so they could serve him breakfast. After a quick jump in the pool, he did this, and we served him biscuits and fruit. The kids each made him a card, and Allison made a really cool decorated clothes hanger at school for him. The highlight was it said Miami Redhawks on the back! Mom gave him a few new shirts and shorts. Then we got ready and met Gram and Grandpa for church at White’s Chapel United Methodist Church. After Church, we had lunch/brunch with Gram, Grandpa, Bill, Kristen, Katherine, and Libby at Brio’s Italian Restaurant in the Southlake Town Center. Everyone came back to our house after lunch and went swimming. The girls each had an indoor soccer game at Stampede, and we took turns going up there for that. We ended up ordering pizza for dinner, and the kids had a great time, as usual, playing with their cousins. It was a mostly relaxing day, and we had fun just hanging out with family. We hope we made Daddy feel really special this Father’s Day!


Redhawk said...

Awesome Fathers Day! Thanks for planning such a great day Honey. You and the kids always make me feel special.