Friday, June 12, 2009

Camp Thurman

For the first time the kids are going to Camp Thurman in Arlington later this summer. It is a Christian Sports Day Camp, and we have heard wonderful things about it. Both girls have friends going at the same time they will be there. Last Saturday we went to the Open House for Camp Thurman and got to see the camp and try out all the activities. They have a lot of different levels of zip lines, and Allison was ready to tackle any of them. Caroline was not interested and said they were too high, which was fine with me. So, Allison and Ray did a couple of them and had a great time. Caroline and Will liked the smaller versions. They also tried archery and explored the many different cabins, tree houses, and swings. I know they will love their time there in July.


Redhawk said...

Way to go said "let's go do it Dad" and we did it. Way up in the trees (I think I even got the "shaky legs") you were one step ahead or right on my heals as we got clipped in and went through the obstacle course in the trees. I love the fact that you are starting to try new things...even if they scare you a little bit. You girls will have a blast at this summer camp.