Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jump Into the Life of Allison Semadeni

After the Awards Ceremony today, we were invited to the Author's Tea. Allison has been working on writing a book for several weeks now, and today was the unveiling. The title of her book is Jump Into the Life of Allison Semadeni and she dedicated her book to her teacher, Miss Yruegas. She wrote multiple chapters including All About Me, Families are Fantastic, My Best Friends, When I Grow Up, The Person Whom I Most Admire, My Favorites, What's Popular, Metaphors of Me, A Place I Love, As I Say Goodbye to Second Grade, the Children Loved It, and About the Author. The book was outstanding and so much fun to read. On the most admired chapter, she wrote about her school nurse, Nurse Tobie. It is a wonderful tribute to someone who has helped our family out so much this year.

Here is the unedited piece she wrote called As I Say Goodbye to 2nd Grade -

I hope I'll always remember the good friends that I had
I hope I see my room agian
I am not afraid of reading and writing
As I say goodbye to 2nd grade
I know I improved on my mathmadic scilles
I expect to learn the whole day through
I'll really miss my teacher's smile
As I move on to 3rd grade
I'm looking back at my work
I am ready for a challenge
If I ever get the chanche
I'll stay a minnet or two to stay with my awome teacher Miss Yruegas.


Redhawk said...

Way to go had a great year in 2nd grade and I am so proud of all the accomplishments you achieved. You are a GREAT dragon and I cannot wait to see all the amazing things you do next, you will be in 3rd grade.

Love Dad