Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rough Riders

For Christmas Forty, Robin, Jack, and Sophie gave us a gift certificate to use toward a Rough Rider game  in the spring or summer.  It was fun for the kids to see the stadium and experience their first minor league game.  There was not a bad seat in Dr. Pepper Ballpark.  It was especially fun because Robin, Forty, and Jack were able to join us at the game.  My kids really have a great time with Jack, and he has the best personality.  The highlight of the nights was when one of the players tossed a game ball up to Allison.  She was so proud!  Of course, there was a lot of focus on the food that night, too!  Thanks, Robin and Forty, for a great gift of time together.

Earlier that day the Dunbars were in town and stopped by for a couple of hours.  It was great getting to visit with Jami, and the kids had so much fun playing!