Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas Day 2010 #3

Our last day to celebrate Christmas was so much fun.  We spent the afternoon with Forty, Robin, Jack, and Sophie.  Our gift-giving time was super unique this year.  They had put together this really cute poem giving us clues about what our "family" gift might be.  There were lots of identically wrapped packages in front of us, and the kids got to open up one clue at a time together.  First there was black sand paper, then there were peanuts, then cracker jacks, and then finally a program from the Frisco Rough Riders.  It was a gift certificate for us to attend one of their games next season.  This is something we have never done and are so excited to do together as a family.  They did such a great job on our gift this year and on creativity.  We then all headed up to a local game place where we had pizza for dinner, and then Ray and I left the kids with Forty and Robin so they could bowl and then spend the night at their house.  They had a great time and loved having a slumber party on the floor with their cousin Jack.  It won't be long before Sophie is old enough to join them.  Ray and I had a date night at a Gold Star Cinema out near Forty and Robin's house.  It's an upscale movie theater with plush seating, and waiters.  We saw True Grit.  It was awesome and we had a wonderful time.  We had brunch together the next morning before heading out to Frisco to pick up the kids.  It was a super fun outing during the holidays.


Redhawk said...

This was a blast. My thanks for Forty, Robin, Jack and Sophie for inviting us over. Cannot wait to go to the ballpark this summer.

Another big shout out to Uncle 40 and Aunt Robin for letting the kids sleep over. They had a blast.