Friday, January 29, 2010

Our All Pro Dad

I have mentioned several times that Ray is helping coordinate the All Pro Dad program at Carroll Elementary. This month instead of bringing in a speaker, Ray was the speaker. I went and watched him in action this morning, and he did a great job! He put together a slide presentation and addressed both the kids and the dads telling them how important hard work and a great attitude are and also how important it is to spend time together and just be there for each other. He then showed a great clip from the movie Facing the Giants, and then he got the dads and kids involved in an interactive quiz to see how well they know Carroll Elementary and each other. He ended the program with raffle prizes. Considering it was raining and freezing cold outside, there was a wonderful turnout for 7 am on a Friday morning, and Ray did an amazing job getting everyone involved and participating in the talk. We are so proud of him, and our kids are very lucky to have a dad that puts so much time and effort into them and their school.