Friday, January 8, 2010

First Tooth

The day before Thanksgiving, November 25th, was a big day in our house. Will lost his very first tooth. At first he was disappointed because he wanted the CES Principal, Ms. Wagnon, to pull out his first tooth, but then he couldn't help himself and became so excited. At dinner that night, Caroline lost a tooth as well. She cried because Ms. Wagnon didn't pull it out and begged us to put it back in! After all the drama, the tooth fairy was busy at our house that night.


Redhawk said...


You know how much I hate loose teeth. Nothing scares me more. My crazy kids always make fun of me and try to show me those wiggly teeth any way they can (actually getting pretty good at tricking me). Thank you Mrs. Wagnon for pulling them out as quick as possible.