Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

I got up bright and early Thanksgiving morning to run the Turkey Trot in Downtown Dallas with my brother, Bill. It was super crowded, but we ended up having a great time running and after mile 3 we were able to run at a pretty good pace. You might notice in this picture that Bill is slightly ahead of me, but just to clear things up, I finished a few steps ahead of him. He said that chivalry is not dead, and he let me cross the finish line first! I guess we'll never know for sure! After the run I raced home and showered and then we headed to my parents for our traditional Thanksgiving feast. We ate quickly because Kristen had received 12 tickets to the Cowboys game! We had great seats, and it was fun to be in the stadium and see the Cowboys win on Thanksgiving day. We have so many things to be thankful for, and it was a great time to stop and truly give thanks for the many blessings that our family has been given.


Redhawk said...

Congrat's to Beth for running this race and finishing in style. You are awesome...and I think this is the one sport (I will admit to) that you could kick my tail at :) . I love your passion with this. I think Allison has some of your speed and skills with this. I hope you can take her out more to show her how much fun and how healthy this can be.

Watching the Cowboys beat the Raiders at the new stadium was great. Thanks Bill and Kristen for getting the tickets.