Saturday, August 8, 2009

Jackson Stables

I think the favorite activity for the kids was the horseback riding. Jackson Stables was on the YMCA property, and the kids got to each go one time with their day camp group. Will was only old enough to do the pony ride. Allison's horse was named Jake, Caroline's was named Brenda Lee, and Will's pony was Nibbles! Ray and I were able to do two rides by ourselves. The first ride was the Deer Meadow Ride and was the same ride that the girls went on. The second ride was the Glacier Basin Ride and went through Rocky Mountain National Park. It was a more difficult (steeper) ride, but the payoff was incredible views and a deer sighting. No one else in my family seemed to have this problem, but after two horseback rides, I was DONE sitting on the horse. The last day we were there, Ray took the girls on one more Deer Valley Ride, and I took Will on one more ride on Nibbles. The girls were thrilled they were able to ride Jake and Brenda Lee again! We loved our time at Jackson Stables.


Redhawk said...

This was so cool. Thanks for going through the "thousands" of pictures from the trip honey. This blog site is so much today and will be even more fun to look back on years from now. We created the are putting the words and pictures to them. I really love what you have done with Semadeni Stories.

Big Daddy