Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hotter Than Hell

This Saturday Ray completed something that had been on his wish/to-do list for quite awhile. He rode in the 100 mile bike race in Wichita Falls called the Hotter Than Hell. It was given this name because it takes place each August in the worst of the summer heat. This year, he really lucked out on the weather since at the high point it was about 94 degrees, and it was much cooler than that when they started at 7:00 am. Ray had ridden 100 miles a couple of times before in charity races for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, so he knew he could do it! He didn't sign up to get an official time, but he noted the time when he actually crossed the start line and then when he crossed the finish line, and he came in at about 5 hours and 11 minutes. That's a great time, and we are so proud of him. The picture, which has terrible quality, was taken of his odometer when he crossed the finish line - 101.9 miles. I'm even more amazed that seeing him today you would never know he is sore. He is walking great and feels like he could go do it again. Okay, maybe he will hold off on that for awhile! I'm sure there is another race in his future!