Saturday, February 6, 2010

Trip to the Fire Station

Will is still obsessed with policemen and firemen, and the other night he announced that when he grows up he wants to be a policeman, a fireman, a Karate instructor, and God's helper. He is very sure of himself. Dad had him for a couple of hours, and they went and got some equipment for t-ball season that is starting very soon. Afterwards, they decided to stop by the new Southlake Fire Station to check it out. Apparently they were all so nice, and Will loved getting to check out all the equipment. I think Ray was considering switching to a career in firefighting when he saw the kitchen and media room where these guys get to hang out. I pointed out that there is still a lot more to being a firefighter than watching movies in the media room. He agreed. We were impressed that they took so much time to show Will around.


Redhawk said...

Loved spending time with my "Little Man". What was really great for me was seeing the expression of joy when I told him we were making a surprise visit somewhere. He thought it was soooo cool to go here I think he will remember this outing for quite some time.