Saturday, March 28, 2009

School Fun

This week the kids had several fun things at school. Tuesday night was Open House, which always brings in a lot of excitement in our house. The girls could hardly wait to show us their stuff, and it was so fun to see all the things they had made and all their accomplishments this year. Allison had so many things to look at including writings, drawings, math, and their unit on Dr. Seuss. She was most proud of the welcome letter she wrote us in cursive. She loves her class, friends, and especially her teacher Miss Yruegas.

Caroline's work included mostly things from her last unit on dinosaurs. She was very proud of her knowledge of dinosaurs, and enjoyed showing us her artwork, writings, and riddles. She even made a dinosaur fossil. The best part was going through her book of writings from writer's workshop throughout the year. It was amazing to see the progress she has made during the year. She is turning into quite the writer. Caroline also loves school, her friends, and especially her teacher Mrs. Small.

On Thursday, Will and Daddy attended Donuts with Dad at Chapel Hill. They took a book for Daddy to read with Will. Will chose a book about Fire Engines. Will also presented Daddy with some artwork that included his footprints that had been turned into putting greens. Donuts with Dad is a fun tradition at Chapel Hill.

The week ended with Caroline dressing up for school like what she wants to be when she grows up. After some deliberation she chose to be a ballerina. They are doing a unit at school on Community Helpers. Caroline was very excited to leave for school on Friday.