Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Day Out With Thomas

I think I have mentioned before that Will is obsessed with trains. While the girls were off with Ray this weekend for an Indian Princess camp out, I decided to take Will to the Grapevine Railroad station to ride Thomas the Train. He likes Thomas, although he told me he would rather ride with Percy, but the real draw is the train ride. He asks just about every day if we are going to get to ride a train that day, and he talks incessantly about it before and after a ride. We were on the last ride of the day, and the weather was terribly cold, but after the ride we did get his picture taken in front of the train and he was able to view the mechanical train display that was set up in the nearby tent. Then we had to make a quick stop in the gift shop to purchase a mechanical train. The last thing we did was going into a large tent where they had trains set up everywhere that the kids could play with. We had such a great time, and I loved that we used our one-on-one time to do something that he loved so much.


Redhawk said...

Will...I love how you think trains are so cool. Mom did a great job taking you for this ride.