Sunday, March 29, 2009

Jack Turns Two

Saturday while Ray and the girls were camping at Indian Princess, Will and I headed to Frisco to Jack's 2nd Birthday party. Jack loves Elmo, so the party theme was Elmo. All of the children did so great with Elmo, and Will couldn't have been happier. He has always loved characters, and Elmo is one of his favorites. Elmo played lots of games with the kids and even made balloons for them. Will got a balloon sword and was very happy about it. Then the kids all got together to sing Happy Birthday to Jack and then dug into the ice cream and delicious homemade cupcakes. Robin is a very good cook and is especially fond of making and decorating desserts. These cupcakes really did look like they had been professionally done. After cake and ice cream, the presents were opened, and Jack got some really cute things. We were so happy to be able to celebrate with him and cannot believe he is already 2 years old. Happy Birthday, Jack!