Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Allison's Confirmation

March 4th was a very special day for our family.  Allison made a public profession of faith and was confirmed as a member of our church.  She had been taking classes for about a month, preparing her for the confirmation.  She has been a Christian for several years, but publicly proclaiming it and becoming a member of the church was incredibly meaningful and another important step in her journey in her walk with Christ.  We were so happy to have Gram, Grandpa, Uncle Bill, Katherine, Libby, Uncle Forty, Aunt Robin, Jack, and Sophie celebrate the day with us!  Also, having special friends like the Rawlins and Feighners going through the same thing made the day even more wonderful.  Abbey, Kate, and Allison have been friends since they were 3, and they have a very special bond.

Allison attended the 9:30 and 11:00 services where she/we sat together as a group.  Pastor John recognized all of the kids being confirmed, and they all stood and answered the questions asked collectively.  Then during the closing hymn they all went up to the front and answered the questions to become members of the church.  After the 11:00 service we took some pictures and had a lunch in Wesley Hall.  Then, at 1:30, there was a private service where each child was confirmed individually.  There was over 100 people being confirmed, so this was a long service, but it was also the most meaningful part.  When it was Allison's turn, the whole family went up to the front where Allison kneeled, and John prayed over her while her family and the other pastors laid hands on her.  It was definitely a moment to remember and a day we will never forget.

joining the church!

hugging cousin sophie

Allison's Godfather, Uncle Forty, and cousin, Jack


allison and libby

ray and libby

look who's walking!

Allison and Dr. John McKellar

cousin pic - katherine, caroline, allison, sophie, libby, jack, and will

the whole gang

ray and katherine

kate being confirmed - the girls all went up for each of their times being confirmed

the rawlins family

allison's turn

our family....

pictures I took of Allison a few days later in her dress...


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