Sunday, April 3, 2011

Love is in the Air

Valentine's Day is always such a fun day at school for the kids.  We didn't do anything fancy this year for their friend's cards, but was had a fun afternoon making them.  Will got lots of practice writing out all of his friend's names.  We did take a picture during the ice days that I used to make a Valentine's card for family and close friends.  I used I Photo to make the card, and they turned out really cute.

Ray and I had a fun date night the Saturday before Valentine's with two other couples.  Here is part of our dessert plate....

I think my favorite picture taken as part of Valentine's Day was this one taken before school with the kids holding their boxes that they made for their friends to deliver their Valentine's....Will was being very silly, and this was annoying Allison.  I just happened to capture it all on camera complete with Caroline being unaware in the "middle".  I love this because it is the reality of our real life so many mornings!

I had such a great time attending all of their parties at school.  Kindergarten is such a fun age, and they are all so excited to share the day with their parents.  It made me kind of sad to be at Allison's party because it was her last class party in Elementary School.  :(((

He's a little off mark since the target is straight in front of him!