Saturday, March 20, 2010

Rock 'n' Roll

Last Sunday I participated in my 2nd half marathon. This was the inaugural Rock 'n' Roll event in Dallas. It was an incredibly beautiful day, and the course was amazing. There were very few hills, and we ran through some of the most picturesque areas of Dallas - Turtle Creek and Highland Park. I could have bought a few homes along the way! Getting to race was the hardest part because we had to park in Fair Park and take a shuttle downtown to the start of the race. I left the house very early (6:00 am, which was really 5:00 am due to the time change that night), and only arrived at the starting grounds 15 minutes before the race started at 8:00! That was a little too close for comfort. I had normal aches and pains along the way and was definitely glad to cross the finish line, but I was ultimately very happy with my time and the fact that I took 2 minutes off from the first time I did a half 4 years ago! It was fun having Ray, the kids, and my parents out there to greet me at the finish line. Not sure when or if I'll do another one, but I loved being out there and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with finishing something like that.


Redhawk said...

Way to go. You trained hard and blew away the course. 1 hr and 54 minutes for a half marathon is amazing. Very proud of you.

Next time slow down (just a little) when you get ready to cross the finish line so I can get some good pictures. You were like a rocket.

Love you. Ray