Sunday, May 17, 2009

My All Pro Dad

Carroll Elementary just started a program this spring called All Pro Dad. This national program was founded by NFL coach, Tony Dungy. The purpose is to get fathers and their children together to spend time with each other and hear a motivational speaker that will foster their relationship. This breakfast takes place at 7:00 am once a month before school starts. This month quaterback John Kittna spoke. The girls have loved it so far, and they always look forward to their special morning with Dad. Ray accepted a role on the PTO Board for next year to be one of three dads in charge of the Dad's Club. The Dad's Club primary role will be to sponsor the All Pro Dad's breakfast each month. We are excited about this opportunity and are grateful for Ray's involvement at the school and in the girls' lives.


Redhawk said...

love the hugs....

John Kitna spoke today. Any event with a Cincinnati Bengals QB has got to be great!