Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Family Campout and Rock Climbing

This weekend we had the Indian Princess Family Camp out. Unfortunately the weather was terrible, and we didn't get to spend the night. After soccer games we did go out to the campsite for several hours and had a wonderful time. We had a great area for our tribe and a big covered pavilion to go to during the times it rained. The kids explored the surroundings, rode their scooters, went on nature walks, and played in the huge RV that one family rented. When the kids weren't in there, the moms took over the RV and had fun snacking and talking. The guys kept coming in asking us how we were enjoying camping! We had a huge feast under the pavilion of barbecue and all the trimmings. At the end, the kids starting literally playing in the mud. It was messy but so much fun for them. We are thankful for this group of friends and hope that we can start a tradition of going as a family on family camp out. Next year we are going to hope for better weather.

On Sunday after the camp out, Ray took the kids to Lifetime, and the girls got to go rock climbing. Allison went up higher than she ever had before, and they had a blast. Dad took these pictures with his phone.