Monday, May 25, 2009

Last Day in the 4s

The next two weeks seem like they are going to be full of goodbyes! Last Friday Will said goodbye to his beloved teachers Ms. Linda and Ms. Brenda. It was a sad parting, but the fabulous experience we had this year with them is what made the last day so sad. We came a little early for pickup and presented the teachers with a gift from the class. The teacher also had a gift for the kids. They had made each child a DVD of Joe Scrubbs. The kids heard him in concert the week before and love listening to his fun music. Earlier in the year Ms. Linda had found a book that she let Will bring home to read. It was called The Story of a Boy Named Will. That was months ago, and when I opened up his back pack after getting home later that afternoon, I saw they had given him the book and signed the inside of it. After class ended we grabbed a quick lunch with some friends and headed over to the Matthews house for a fun swimming party. The kids had a blast, and I am really enjoying spending time at all the beautiful pools and talking to the other mothers. We know that Will is staying at Chapel Hill next year, so that made leaving a little easier, but we will always be grateful for the love and support that Linda and Brenda showed our kids and the parents each and every time we walked through those doors.