Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sunday Night Drama

Caroline has had a front tooth that has been very loose for a few weeks and quite honestly, it just looked silly the way it jutted out. See for yourself.

Sunday night Allison accidentally bumped her elbow into Caroline's mouth. Caroline started to cry and the tooth was bleeding a lot. Caroline was crying very loudly, Allison was crying because it was an accident, and Ray left the room because he is scared (literally) of loose teeth. It was a three ring circus for about 10 minutes, but I finally pulled that tooth out! Then it was all smiles and excitement over the tooth fairy coming. Then it all changed again because Will decided he was scared of the Tooth Fairy coming upstairs during the night while he was sleeping. Is the Tooth Fairy a girl or a boy? Is she nice? What color is she? What if I accidentally wake up and see her with my eyes open? What will she do to me? How does she know to come? How does she know to go to Caroline's room? I don't want to sleep upstairs tonight. In the morning when he saw the money the Tooth Fairy left, he decided he wanted to loose a tooth and go to Kindergarten, too!


Redhawk said...
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Redhawk said...

My fear of loose teeth should be a family secret. :)

Congrat's to Little "C" for losing that front tooth. Very proud of my little girl. Daddy