Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Busy Weekend

Grandma was here this weekend visiting from Kentucky. Friday she was able to go up to school and have lunch with Caroline and then Allison. The girls loved having here there and getting Sonic for lunch. After lunches I took her to see the last 20 minutes of Will's gymnastics class. Later in the afternoon she went to Caroline's soccer practice and then to Allison's soccer game. We were so proud of Allison because she scored a beautiful goal, and it was her first of the season. We celebrated with dinner at Feedstore Barbecue. Saturday brought more soccer games, and we went from Caroline's game to Will's game to Allison's game. They were all in a row at three different fields. After a quick lunch and shower we headed to Dallas to meet Forty and Jack. Brigitte left with them and we head to Katherine's 7th birthday party. It was at ASI Gymnastics. The kids used up even more energy there playing hard and then eating cake and ice cream. We went back to Bill and Kristen's house after the party to watch Katherine open her presents. We had pizza and salad for dinner, and it was delicious. The kids played and played together. We finally headed home after a long but very fun day.


Redhawk said...

Busy..but great. Don't forget the Trifecta. Will (7 goals), Allison (1 goal) and Caroline (2 goals) all put the soccer ball in the back of the net.