Sunday, April 19, 2009

Girl's Weekend

I am so fortunate to have the most awesome group of High School friends. We have stayed close for so many years, and I always look forward to and need my time with them. We try to have one weekend a year that we get together and just spend talking. We can talk for hours on end, and even after a weekend of talking non stop, it never feels like enough. This spring we had the perfect place for our weekend - Marci's new lake house at Cedar Creek Lake. Marci and Ray bought a house right on the lake last summer, and they have done so much decorating, and the house looks wonderful. The six girls met in Canton on Friday and spent several hours shopping for all the good bargains. We left Canton and stopped to have Mexican food on the way to the lake. Once we got to the house, we were there to stay. We spent all of our time talking, eating, and just enjoying relaxing and being together. It is such a pretty area, and we had wonderful weather. We spent several hours on Saturday sitting outside and playing the domino game Mexican Train. Sunday came too quickly, and we all had to head back home. I left there having eaten too much and having stayed up too late, but I felt so refreshed and ready to get back home to my family. I am so grateful to these friends that I can truly be myself with, and I know we will always remain close.
1st row from left to right - Kristin, Becky, Kelley, and Beth
2nd row - Susan, and Marci