Sunday, September 12, 2010

Will Turns 6

This was a really fun birthday for Will because he was so into it and very excited about it.  We planned a swimming party with friends at Lifetime, and we took him to Chuck E Cheese on his actual birthday.  We had such a great time, and Will LOVED playing all the games and accumulating all the tickets.  After Chuck E Cheese, we came back to our house for some cake and presents.

I did another interview with Will on his birthday, and here are his answers on August 12, 2010, age 6!

1.  How old are you today?  6
2.  What is your favorite thing you get to do on your birthday?  Go to Chuck E Cheese's
3.  What is going to be the best part about being six?  Going to the BIG school
4.  What's your favorite color?  Blue
5.  What's your favorite sport?  T-Ball
6.  Are you ready for Kindergarten?  Yes
7.  What are most excited about Kindergarten?  Starting to read
8.  Who's your favorite person?  Mommy and Daddy
9.  Who's your best friend?  Logan
10.  What's your favorite thing to do?  Play on the computer
11.  What's your favorite food?  Chicken Nuggets
12.  What are you afraid of?  Tornadoes
13.  What's your favorite toy?  my walkie talkies
14.  Who loves you?  God and Mommy and Daddy
15.  What's the best part of your life?  My birthdays

Will, you are one of the very best parts of my life.  You bring such joy to our family, and we all love you so much, and like our song says - how sweet it is to be loved by YOU!