Saturday, June 12, 2010

Girls' Weekend 2010!!!!

After much planning and anticipation, our girls' weekend finally came. It was a lesson in that things do not always go as planned, and that's OK! We were supposed to go to Marci and Ray's lake house at Cedar Creek Lake, but Marci got stuck on a business trip in Germany due to the flights being cancelled because of the volcano. She didn't get back until the day before we were supposed to meet, so we had to go to plan b, which was to meet at Becky's house. We had an incredible time, and the only down side (and it was a big one) was that because of Marci's unplanned extended stay in Germany, she was only able to join us for a few hours on Saturday. Friday night we stayed in and ordered dinner and did what we do best - talk!!!! Saturday we had a delicious brunch and an outing to a couple of fun new stores before we came back to Becky's house to eat and talk some more! Sunday we had to all head back home, but, once again, it was an amazing time together. I'm just so thankful for these girls in my life and the lifelong friendship that we share. We are already planning our next trip, and this time I think we may let our husbands tag along, too. Look for a post on that trip in the fall!!!