Sunday, April 26, 2009

Girls on the Run

Allison joined a group this spring called Girls on the Run. The purpose of Girls on the Run is educate and prepare preteen girls for a lifetime of self-respect and healthy living. There were about 15 girls in the group with two leaders. The group was made up of mostly girls from Carroll Elementary, but there were also a few from Westlake Academy. They met starting in February twice a week to run and train. Each meeting had a lesson plan to go with it, and the girls did so many neat things to promote respect in themselves and others. There were also fun things like a scavenger hunt and relay games. Allison worked so hard and looked forward to going to the meetings each week. The program ends each semester with running a 5K with girls all across the metroplex participating in different Girls on the Run chapters. You run with a buddy, and on Saturday Allison and I got up super early and headed to Coppell to do our run. She did awesome, and we had a great time. She placed 6th in her age group out of lots of girls, and our time was 35 minutes. That is great for a first time 5K! After the run, the girls had fun doing the Hannah Montana Hoedown Throwdown. We were so impressed with the program and the values it represents, and we are so fortunate to have groups that Allison enjoys that have such a positive impact on her self esteem. I hope that I get to run many more 5Ks with Allison. I am so proud of you!


Redhawk said...

You two are AWESOME....great job running the 5K. I am very proud of you both. Love Dad